Friday, October 7, 2011

My Current Obsession: White House Black Market

We all have that one store that stands apart from all the others. You know the type- it's the store where everything seems to fit you perfectly and nothing looks bad on you. It's the store where you feel at home, comfortable, at ease. For me, that store is White House Black Market.

I have loved that store for years and yet I've never purchased a single item from it. Usually, my timing is off- I find something fabulous, but I have no need for it. And while their prices are reasonable for the quality that you are getting, it's not the kind of store I can shop at every day and still expect to have anything left in my checking account.

One thing that I appreciate about this store is that the entire store is so well designed. The merchandise all looks amazing because most of it is black and/or white. There are a few pieces that are in the beige family that blend in well with the black and white options. In addition, they always have a fun pop of color, but just one. Depending on the season, it might be bright pink, or red or a deep violet. Their clothing is very beautifully tailored and always has interesting and unique details. Here are some of my current favorite pieces:

See what I mean? So sophisticated and interesting, yet simple and classic at the same time. What's your favorite store- the one that just works for you? 

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