Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rate My Look: Spring Personified

Today was the start of our big sample sale and the boss lady had given us all white t-shirts with the Madeleine's Daughter logo on them to wear with jeans. It's literally the one time of year that we're allowed to wear jeans and guess what I did. I forgot to wear the t-shirt and jeans. What a loser! Fortunately, I looked adorable, so that kind of made up for the oops. And on top of looking adorable, the pastel color combination was just so spring-like and soft that I felt awesome in this outfit all day:

Top: Delia's via Building 19 (for $5!!!!!)
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden
Ribbon sash: I'm pretty sure I took this from an old dress

Seriously, the high-low hem on this skirt is just fabulous. Rather than the typical single cut of fabric, this features the cross-over front. You should see the way it flows as I walk in it. I tend to strut around like I'm a runway model whenever I wear this skirt because I love the feel of the chiffon billowing behind me. As Juhree put it, it's kind of like a cape... for my butt. 

In other news, this happened on my drive home and I figured I'd share it for all of you out there with similar OCD tendencies: 

Don't you just love when that kind of thing happens? It just makes me happy inside. Almost as happy as a lavender chiffon butt-cape high-low skirt. 

Have an awesome day and as always, thanks for reading! 

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