Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's Spring! Wear Some COLOR!!!

Whether temperatures agree or not, SPRING IS HERE! I'm determined to believe that, anyway. So, what better way to feel like the season, than by adding some color to your wardrobe? I've done plenty of posts encouraging you to wear head-to-toe color, but this time my aim is to incorporate it in small pops. That's basically Step 1 of incorporating bold color into your wardrobe and a great way to ease yourself into the idea.

I've done a little online shopping to help you find some fabulous pieces that, when added to an otherwise simple, neutral outfit can really add some pizzazz to your look. Try adding JUST ONE of these pieces to an outfit this week. You'll thank me!

Bold Gem Necklace, Banana Republic, $59.50
I love a bold, statement necklace, especially when it's in a fun color like this lemon yellow. 

Mint Rose Studs, Bauble Bar, $22
Not every splash of color needs to be huge- these simple mint studs add an unexpected hue to your outfit. Small in size doesn't always equal small impact. 

Linen Scarf, J. Crew, $49.50
I'm obsessed with this shade of blue- it's so rich and it really does flatter every skin tone. 

What's better than a fuchsia wedge? Not much, lemme tell ya. 

For the beginner, try just one of these fun pieces. For the intermediate, try to find two colorful pieces that work together and for the advanced, try to put three boldly colored accessories on today. Just give it a whirl- pops of color can make an otherwise dull, uninspired outfit come to life! 

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