Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Wear Rose Gold

Rose gold is everywhere these days. It's such a trendy metallic, but people have asked me, "How do I wear it? What goes with it?" The answer is simple: the easiest way to wear rose gold is with shades of pink! It's so feminine and sweet. Think of it as a monochromatic outfit- head-to-toe blush. It's quite pretty:

Rose Gold & Blush

Rose gold is softer than yellow or white gold, so your outfit approach should be, too. Blush is a great color regardless of skin tone and rose gold only accentuates the positives of blush. But, if head-to-toe pink just isn't your bag, try one of these combinations:

Rose Gold Accent

In any case, the following are the Do's and Don't's of wearing rose gold:

- Do keep your look uncluttered and allow the rose gold piece to be the focal point or featured item in the outfit.
- Do feel free to mix in white or yellow gold in addition to the rose gold. Mixed metallics are perfectly fine, despite what your grandmother might try to tell you.
- Do avoid pairing rose gold with colors such as purple, burgundy or black- you can do better.
- Don't let this trend intimidate you! Go out and try it today!

Have a great day, everyone and thank you for reading!

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LuceBuona said...

My dear Reneé!
Hope you are doing well, I'm catching up with your blog.
It's nice to read you!

Rose gold is definitely my favorite of all golds. ;)

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