Friday, April 5, 2013

The Last of My Shopping Booty

I realized recently that I never got around to showing you the rest of my shopping booty from my trip to the North Shore Mall last week. You probably remember my amazing new oversized watch:

And my unbelievably adorable new dress: 

And my mint Converse: 

And of course, the new shoulder bag: 

Well, the rest of my shopping booty might seem a little anti-climactic after that. It's just a simple necklace and a pair of pink bauble earrings: 

I love the anchor necklace so much I've worn it almost non-stop since I got it. The earrings are adorable, too, of course.

I'm sure after seeing everything, you can understand why it was such a great shopping day for me! Let's hope the next one is just as successful! Have a great day, everyone!


Tamela said...

conversa are made in china and indonesia. I don't support child labor :( people should be more sensetive about fashion.

MJ said...

Nay! Your booty is fabulous! Love the dress and converse!

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