Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Bridal Emergency Kit

I can't even begin to tell all of you how excited I am for this weekend. My BFF Beth is getting married!!! The last ten months have flown by and I have to admit that I have enjoyed every minute of being a part of this wedding. From dress and accessory shopping to trial make-up trips to Sephora to wonderful social get-togethers like her shower, every single minute has been a blast. It's kind of surreal that the big day is finally upon us, but I have no doubt that it will be a beautiful, elegant event. I'll do my best to take lots and lots of pictures!

You've already seen the shoes that I'm going to wear and I'm very excited about my dress and the accessories I'll be wearing. I'm looking forward to sharing that outfit as well as the looks of the rest of the bridal party, but until then I want to share something a little less glamorous: my Bridal Emergency Kit!

A long time ago, Beth put me in charge of creating this kit and I have to admit, I really had fun thinking about it and putting it all together. I looked into kits that were already made, but in the end, I thought that a more custom kit was in order. I started with a fabulous zippered carrying case that I found at Target:

Super cute, right? 

And now for the interior: 

I'm pretty sure I've prepared for any and all possible emergency situations! Inside this kit you will find: 

Clear nail polish
Nail polish remover
Baby powder
Nail file and clipper
Wet wipes
Eye drops
Lint roller
Needle & Thread
Bobby pins
Hand sanitizer
Double-sided fashion tape

There are a few items in this kit that I'm particularly proud of. The first is the baby powder. I'm sure most of you think it's probably in there for the most basic type of use, but the truth is that baby powder is the perfect product for removing stains, particularly those with oil or grease. Baby powder sprinkled onto an oil stain (like salad dressing) helps to draw the oil out of the fabric. Corn starch does the same thing, but baby powder smells so much nicer! 

The second item is the vodka. While you might think I put it in there to help calm any unsteady nerves with a quick shot, the truth is that vodka is a far better deodorizer than any other option (and a nip of vodka is cheaper than a travel size FeBreze). It's actually a secret I learned when I worked in theatre. Some of the costumes used to get really stinky and vodka was sometimes the only thing that could get out the stench of body odor or cigarette smoke. 

Finally, I'm most proud of the custom sewing kit. Rather than purchase one at the store, I created my own using things from my own stash of sewing supplies. I even chose specific thread colors that match the colors of the dresses in the wedding party. No matter whose dress tears, I'm prepared. Of course, I hope no one has to even open this kit, but if they do, we're prepared. 

Have you ever had to create a bridal emergency kit? What did you put in it? Did you need to use anything in it? I'm curious to hear about what your experiences were, so leave a comment and tell me all about it. 


Amanda said...

What an awesome kit.

Maria said...

Wow! You thought of everything!

Beth said...

The best bridal emergency kit from the best bridesmaid a girl could ask for. And now I speak from experience.

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