Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Men- Find the Perfect Fit for your Suits

I recently stumbled upon this video explaining how the perfect fit is achieved with a mens' suit. There are a lot of measurements involved and much like the average woman who wears the wrong bra size, there are many men out there wearing the wrong suit size. Whether it is too big in the chest, an incorrect length, or just ill-fitting in some way, this video can help you determine the correct size suit you should be wearing. When in doubt, go to a professional. Find a reputable suit store and have your measurements taken properly.

Once you have the proper measurements, you can play around with the style of the suit. Do you prefer one button or two? Flat front trousers or pleated? Notched or peak lapel? And of course the shirt fitting is a whole separate issue. But we'll cover that another day. Ladies, feel free to share this video with your men. Let's have them looking as fabulous and fitted as we do.

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