Monday, June 13, 2011

The Truth: Updated

At the end of last month, I shared with all of you the truth on how I've been feeling about blogging. I received a lot of encouraging remarks that helped me a great deal, so first of all, thank you for that. Second, in getting those feelings off my chest, I also achieved some clarity on why I write this blog and what I want to accomplish with it.

Primarily, I started this blog because I wanted other women to be able to have confidence when getting dressed in the morning. I wanted to help regular people, men and women, actually, in looking their absolute best. I believe firmly in the idea that how we dress makes a strong impact on how we are treated out there in the world. If making better choices in our wardrobes will help us to be stronger, more successful people, it seems silly not to at least try to improve what we're doing, right?

Now that I've been doing this for so long and so much, I feel a need to get feedback. As a person with my own set of insecurities, it makes me feel good when people comment and say affirming and complementary things. But I want to be clear to every reader out there that I want more from the comments than just accolades. I want to know what is missing. When you get to the end of a post and feel like I answered all of your questions but one, I desperately want you to leave a comment asking that one question I didn't answer. The only way I will ever improve my blog is for you to be honest with me about your experience reading it. While not every comment will result in major changes to my blog, they will give me feedback that helps me determine its direction down the road. I'm a person who likes to continually be growing and learning. If my blog is to get better, I need your help to get it there.

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