Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nantucket Bound

As you are reading this post, I'm likely pedaling my rented bike around the streets of Nantucket. My mom and I decided to get up really early this morning, drive the 2+ hours down to Hyannis, hop on the first ferry of the day over to Nantucket and spend the day exploring the island. I'm not wearing anything blog-worthy, as I need to be comfortable for riding a bike all day. Actually, we may rent scooters instead of bikes- as I write this post, we haven't yet decided. Regardless, I can tell you that my outfit consists of denim shorts, a Life is Good t-shirt and a pair of pink Converse low-top Chuck Taylors.

I'll be sure to post pictures of our day at some point. I'm hoping for sunny weather, but the forecast said there would be some scattered showers.

Since I'm not really blogging anything today, I thought I'd give you a few interesting articles to read:

I enjoyed this post on Mashable about How Social Shopping is Changing Fashion Production. It's eye-opening when you think about how many different ways designers can engage fans of their lines- through twitter, facebook, and of course the ways mentioned in the article. Check it out- it's an interesting read!

Last week I posted about the new season of Project Runway. (Side note: I was wrong about the date- it's actually JULY 27th, not JUNE 27th- oops!) While I may not be really looking forward to it, like I have in seasons past, I certainly will have a few choices of other shows to replace it with if it turns out to be a disappointing season. It seems there are some Project Runway spin-offs in the works: Chris March has his own show Mad Fashion airing on Bravo soon. It appears as though it will be full of Bravo personalities we already know and love to hate. As if that wasn't enough, Tim Gunn is hosting The Revolution on ABC, a new twist on a make-over show. Instead of a quick week-long make-over, it seems the women featured on The Revolution will be making a 5-month long weight loss attempt and their progress will be documented over 5 episodes. Hmm... we'll see if that takes off.

You all know how I like to post about "green" fashion choices- whether is it clothing, accessories, fair trade, organic, etc. So you can understand why I enjoyed this article on Fashion News about New Hampshire company Timberland and their choice for "Best Green Handbag." I wasn't able to find a photo, but the description of the bag sounds great.

Well, I hope these links keep you busy for a little while. I'll try to take lots of pictures today, provided the weather cooperates! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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Maria said...

I love Nantucket! I hope you and your mom have a wonderful day. :)

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