Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photos from Nantucket

As you guys know, I went to Nantucket last week. It was an absolute BLAST and I would recommend everyone do it! Whether you rent bicycles to ride around the island, or scooters, like we did, you will have SO much fun. The beaches are beautiful, the landscape is absolutely picturesque and the atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing day with loved ones.

We started off the day on the 6:30 AM ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket. We took the high-speed ferry which got us there in about an hour. We had a light breakfast at the Easy Street Cantina and then went immediately to the Nantucket Bike Shop to pick up the scooters we had reserved. A few minutes later we had learned how to ride them and were off on our way!

Riding the scooter made me realize what people love about motorcycles and mopeds. It's so much fun to ride in the open air like that. And although my scooter's speed topped at about 35 mph, it still felt amazing to ride around on it. I didn't look amazing doing it, though. You can see by my outfit that I dressed for comfort, not style: 

After scooting around the island for a while, we had lunch at Cy's Lobster Pot. We had a craving for a good New England lobster roll and Cy's did not disappoint. The afternoon was spent shopping and visiting the many beaches around the island. I was unimpressed with the shopping on Nantucket, actually. It seemed there was mostly stores selling either super preppy, super expensive clothes or silly souvenirs like "Nantucket" hoodies and keychains. I did manage to purchase one item that didn't fall into either of those categories:

What I love about this cocktail ring is that it is LITERALLY a seashell that has a hole carved out of it for your finger. I'd never seen anything like it and I loved it, so I had to buy it. At $18, plus tax, it actually cost less than my lobster roll at lunch. 

All in all, it was a spectacular day- the weather wasn't amazing, but the company was great (I went with my mom) and we had so much fun with every single thing we did on the island. If you have the opportunity to spend the day on Nantucket, do it. It's not cheap- our ferry ride (round trip) was $77 each, the scooter rental was another $75 each and of course food and drink while you're there. But do yourself a favor and save your pennies so you can enjoy this quintessential New England experience.  

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Shannon said...

Sounds like a great trip! I LOVE that ring- so unique and pretty! I'm originally from the coast and seashells make me think of home.

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