Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shoesday Tuesday- Look for Less is Actually Awesome

Hello, ladies and gents- I don't have a whole lot to say today except for one bit of exciting news. Last week I featured several options as a "look for less" and over the weekend, I actually ran into one of the pair I featured live and in person. Of course I had to try them on. It would have been irresponsible not to, right? They were the Franco Sarto Vial Platform Pump and they were much more beautiful in person:

In person, the color is so much more rich. They are also fairly comfortable, as heels go, anyway. I found them at Macy's, but you can buy them at Endless for a lot less money. At Macy's they were about $80, and I was not prepared to splurge on them on that particular day. It was difficult to walk away, though. I will admit that. 

Why was I shoe-shopping at Macy's? I was with my BFF and we were shopping for wedding shoes for her. And I'm proud to say that we found them and they are FIERCE. I must say that I have been impressed with her wedding attire choices from the get-go. Her dress is simple and daring at the same time. Her shoes, as I mentioned, are FIERCE. Her jewelry choice is probably the most simple and understated and yet there is a lot of sentiment attached to it, so the meaning is the focus of that particular piece. I guess I'm trying to say that I think she's going to look amazing and I can't wait! 

Speaking of wedding shoes, how do all of you feel about shopping for shoes for a wedding- whether you are the bride, a member of the wedding party or a guest. Do you feel it's more difficult or at the very least different from shopping for shoes for pretty much anything else? Do you struggle more when shopping for a wedding? I do, partly because I'm not really interested in shoes that most stores would deem "wedding appropriate." Tweet your thoughts today and don't forget the hashtag #ShoesdayTuesday

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