Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Christmas Shopping: What to Buy for your Adult Friends

Remember being a kid and opening your presents on Christmas morning only to discover a package of socks or underwear? Remember how supremely disappointing that was? Well, if you've ever been an adult in that situation, you may have felt a LOT different. Case in point: Several years ago, my BFF and her husband gave me a pair of knitted wool socks for Christmas.

I was pretty psyched to receive this gift. Why?

1.) I live in New England where it's cold and you ALWAYS need warm socks to wear with your boots.
2.) I live in New England where it's cold and you ALWAYS need warm socks for hanging around the house.

In other words, come winter time, I could wear these socks pretty much around the clock. Inside, outside, wherever I am, these socks are my go-to. Do I have plenty of other warm, fuzzy socks? Yeah, I suppose I do. But most of them are synthetic. These are WOOL. And that's something to make note of when choosing a pair of socks either for yourself or as a gift. Choose WOOL. Choose a natural fiber because it will not only provide the best warmth and coziness, but it will also allow your feet to breathe. Synthetic materials can be freakishly soft. It's all that refining of the materials that makes it so unnaturally soft. But for every bit of softness, you'll lose out on breath-ability. Which leads to.... sweaty feet.

Maybe this post is a little TMI, but it's all true and great advice. If you want to give your adult friends a fabulous gift for Christmas, find a pair of high quality WOOL socks. They'll love and appreciate it more than you know.

Don't mine look cute with my Uggs? Percy thinks so.

Happy Christmas shopping everyone! 

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