Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rate My Look: An Oldie...

My friend Melanie snapped this photo of me over a month ago when we got together for lunch and a matinee viewing of the most recent Twlight movie. Yes, I like Twlight-the books, the movies- it's all so fun. Sparkly vampires and a love story? What's not to like? Anyway, we caused a stir in the restaurant where we had lunch- several of the waitstaff approached our table to tell us how fabulously stylish we both looked.

You can check out Mel's outfit from the day here. We posed outside of the Mexican restaurant where we had just eaten a delicious lunch consisting of garlic cheese nachos and taco salads. So tasty! It was unseasonably warm for mid-November, so I went without tights and in light-weight, almost summer-y fabrics. my denim jacket kept the slight chill out and my boots were pretty toasty warm. You may even have noticed my bag in the corner of the photo- a bridesmaid gift from Beth from the week prior. I don't think I've featured it on the blog yet, and now I'm kicking myself for putting it down when we took the photo. Amateur mistake. I guess it shows that I'm a little out of practice when it comes to blogging. I have been very busy lately and I've really struggled to find the time to blog. When it comes down to it, I've been choosing to spend time with friends and family rather than focus on blogging. It used to be something I thought about constantly, but lately I've needed a break. Given how many posts I've managed over the last three years, it's not surprising that I would finally need a bit of a breather, so I hope you all understand and still continue to read even if I post less frequently. I appreciate your continued support! 

Anyway, why not let me know how you feel about my outfit (and my blogging hiatus) in the comments! Thanks for reading!  


Maria said...

I've wondered where you've been, and I'm glad to hear that your hiatus is because of family and fun times. Everyone needs a break now and then. :)

The outfit is super cute!

Anonymous said...

Nooo not a denim jacket! They're never stylish!

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