Saturday, April 12, 2014

To Market To Market

I'm writing this from the Amtrak wifi as we zoom on out to New York City for a whirlwind trip to bridal market. Also known as Bridal Fashion Week, we're going to choose the new dresses that we will carry at the shop. By whirlwind, I mean less than 24 hours- we're going to see just a handful of our top designers while we're there. Choosing the right outfit for this type of shopping trip isn't always easy, but I think I nailed it this time. 

We'll be on our feet the entire day, so flats are a must. It's important to look professional, but we also want to be a little comfortable. Also, it's spring, so I want to be a little colorful, too. I happened to snap a quick selfie when I was packing, so here it is: 

Let's break it down: dark wash skinnies, leopard flats, coral lace top, cream/coral seersucker jacket, Tiffany blue crossbody bag, seashell ring and flower earrings. 

This is a little more casual than I would typically dress for this type of trip, but the outfit was too cute to pass up. The leopard print shoes are probably an odd choice, but what you don't know about those shoes is that the inside of them is fuzzy. Like slippers. It's just the start of spring and my feet are so soft and pink right now. They can't handle long hours in spring shoes and sandals just yet. So, those shoes allow for the springtime no-socks look while keeping my tootsies super comfy. I wore a pair of leather ballet flats to work yesterday and my feet were protesting loudly by the end of the day. Summer feet, please come quick!!!

Anyone else feeling the winter-feet-to-summer-feet hurt? It's bittersweet, really. I'm super excited to not have to wear tights every single day, but then the rubbing on my tender feet makes me yearn for fuzzy socks. Like I said, bittersweet. 

If you're my facebook friend, I'll try to post a couple of photos from Market, but I make no promises. When I said whirlwind, I meant it. Less than 24 hours in the city. We're on the train now. We'll start at 9:00 AM tomorrow and work straight through till 6:00ish. Then we'll treat ourselves to a nice dinner and be on the 9:00 PM train back to Boston. Whirlwind! It's a good thing I'm on vacation next week! 

Thanks for reading, friends! 

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