Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Think Spring. Desperately Think Spring!

The sun is shining and it's actually starting to feel like spring around here. This was a ROUGH winter and pretty much everyone I know is looking forward to warmer weather. I can't wait until my first beach day! It's amazing how 45 degrees feels so incredible right now. Yesterday was the gloomiest, rainiest day and it was chilly to boot. Today feels like an entirely different season and I can't tell you how excited that makes me!

Before I head out for my morning run, I thought I'd give everyone a little springtime outfit inspiration.

Since we all work for a living, I thought I'd start with a great look for the office. I am currently obsessed with the idea of a monochromatic white outfit paired with the super trendy rose gold:

Cream and Rose Gold

For a punch of color, I added the light coral bag that works perfectly with the rose gold. I would love to wear an outfit like this to a business meeting. It's powerful in its simplicity. And who wouldn't take you seriously if you were dressed like this, am I right?

Next, I felt inspired to put together a fun, light, springtime outfit perfect for a date night out. It's restaurant week in Portsmouth this week and I can totally see myself strutting down the cobblestones on my way to an amazing dinner. My date? Who cares when I look this fabulous and am about to eat something really delicious. It's a minor detail I'll figure out later.

Date Night

And last but certainly not least in my springtime inspiration post is the perfect weekend outfit. Whether you are running errands like grocery shopping or a trip to Home Depot or an afternoon shopping with the girls, or even a quick pedicure, this outfit is perfect. Colorful, comfortable, stylish- what more do you need? (I personally need my summer feet, actually. They are SO not ready for sandals!)


Errands by rtboo featuring flat shoes

So there you have it- some springtime outfit inspiration. I hope this helps you feel like spring is actually arriving. It helped me a little.

Now it's time for me to head out for a quick run. Maybe one of these days I'll post about workout fashion. Or not. I'm not a fan of being sweaty.

Thanks for reading!

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