Thursday, November 7, 2013

Persimmon Pants

I'm the absolute worst when it comes to dry cleaning. I hate dealing with it, so I usually wait until the end of a season to bring everything in. Then I promptly forget that I've got clothes waiting to be picked up until months later and suddenly I'm getting phone calls from the cleaners saying, "Come get your stuff!" I did that recently, I'm ashamed to admit. But the great part about doing that is seeing what fabulous stuff I forgot that I own! I picked up a few things this week and among them was my oh-so-stellar pair of red velvet pants! I love these pants!

Anyway, rediscovering these pants reminded me of a conversation I had with Beth a little over a week ago. We were walking down to the SoWa vintage market in South Boston (more on that soon) and a woman walked by in a pair of bright green pants. We started talking about this fabulous new trend of brightly colored jeans and pants and Beth mentioned that she's been wanting a pair of fabulous red pants for a while now. But not true red, more like persimmon or rust. Something that works for fall, but that could also be somewhat season-less. And let's face it, doesn't everyone need a pair of completely fabulous persimmon pants? No doubt.

So, to inspire all you lovelies out there, here are my picks in a range from dark orange to deep burgundy, from skinny to wide-leg, high-waist to hipster, there's a pant here for anyone and everyone, I promise:

Persimmon Pants

"But just how do you wear such a bold pant, Renee?" you ask. I know, it can be tricky.

For starters, the fit has to be impeccable. Take them to a tailor and get the length just right. Nip the waist, the thigh, the ankle- whatever it is that needs tweaking, have them do it and make sure these pants perfectly tailored. There is no other way, truly.

Next, find some rich, neutral pieces to layer onto the look- colors like chocolate brown, charcoal grey and creamy white will all work beautifully. Go with whatever compliments your skin tone, or what you like best. You can't go wrong. As long as your shade of pants isn't too close to pumpkin orange, you could even pair them with black. But be careful- too pumpkin-y and then combination with black just screams, "I love HALLOWEEN!" And I, personally HATE Halloween. But regardless of your feelings towards the holiday, you probably don't want your sartorial choices to be telling the world that you love Halloween. Just sayin'. Also, avoid a bold print. You want the pants to be the focal point, so any eye-catching print will likely just compete with them. So not cool.

Finally, add some complimentary accessories and head out the door confident in the knowledge that you are seriously ROCKING red pants. Then leave a comment here and tell me how awesome it felt. No, seriously. Leave me a comment- you know how I love them!

If you're having trouble picturing the look, here's some inspiration for you:

More Persimmon Pants

I think I've inspired myself to wear my red pants this week! Off to the closet I go- gotta plan the outfit!

Have an awesome day, everyone! Thanks for reading!


Beth said...

Love these looks! I just got a pair of deep burgundy pants that have pink polkadots all over them. Not quite red, but definitely bold.

kate said...

Love this look!! The second I fit into non-maternity clothes again.....doooin' it.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Beth- those pants sound fabulous! Can't wait to see them!

Kate- I support that decision. :)

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