Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rate My Look- Floral Skirt

A few weeks ago, I found an amazing outfit at a store in downtown Portsmouth called Serendipity. I was with my bosses, after we'd been out for a fun dinner together. When we were walking back to the car, I spotted this skirt in the window and had to go in to try it on. I also found a fabulous top to go with it, and I wore the outfit to my friend Sadie's annual Yule Ball Christmas Party in December. Part of what convinced me to get the outfit was that I knew I would be able to wear both pieces to work in countless different outfits. Yesterday I used the skirt to put this look together. I'm really happy with it:

If you follow me on Twitter or you are my friend on Facebook, you've seen the saga of my travel debacles over the holiday weekend. I flew down to North Carolina for New Year's Eve, but my flight home the next evening was rough. After being delayed over a hour, then eventually switched to another flight that left 2 hours after that, I finally boarded and took off at nearly 11:00 PM (My original flight had been booked for 7:45). I arrived in New Hampshire at nearly 1:00 AM, and shortly thereafter discovered that my suitcase had not arrived with me. Two days later, it finally made it back to me, but the whole ordeal was stressful and irritating. In this photo, I was about half-way through my day and had already spent the morning dealing with the frustrating process of filing a "delayed baggage" claim. Since the morning was spent with that project, I didn't put any effort into my hair. Looking at this photo now, I deeply regret that choice. 

But enough about the baggage issues, let's talk about the skirt! Isn't it super fun? It's by Free People and at $128, it was quite a splurge for me. I am completely in love with it and walking around in it all day definitely lifted my spirits whenever I thought about my flight and luggage issues. It's flouncy, flirty, flower-y and fun and I can't wait to wear it again and again! 

How did you spend New Year's Eve? Were you at a fancy party? Or did you have a quiet night at home? Leave a comment and tell me all about your holiday and what you wore! 

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